Ministry of Obfuscation and Transparency

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Infiltrate the Ministry of Obfuscation!

The Ministry of Obfuscation and Transparency (OT) is planning to open up the central database for storing DNA-profiles of Dutch citizens to all foreign governments. This will include countries like North-Korea, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. These countries will also have access to all address details, fingerprint and password data. This plan is embedded in a super secret trade agreement called HACTA (High Anti-freedom Clueless Terror Agreement). This trade agreement came to pass without any consent of the Dutch Parliament or it's citizens.

The sharing of all these personal details in secret is ofcourse a massive violation of the privacy of Dutch citizens. This information can also easily be used for terrorist acts. In countries ran by corrupt governments this information can easily fall into the hands of individuals with malicious intent. In short, all this information is easily accessible by anyone.

The complete silence of the ministry of OT about this issue is one of the main problems. Minister Heers Stramien of Obfuscation Affairs and Transparency even completely denies any of these plans even exist. The WOB-requests by the journalists of Webwereld revealed nothing. The Ministry was steadfast in it's statement that: "there will be no comments on anything which can possibly jeopardize this country's national security."

Summarizing, these plans compromise the safety, and maybe even the lives of all Dutch Citizens. Webwereld found out about these plans by means of a civil servant within the Ministry of OT who had quite the loose lips. This servant, named Jeffrey van den Oetelaere tot Bunnik (username jeffrey.vandenoetelaere) hails from a family of nobles, and received his job at the Ministry through his well-connected father.

Apparently, Jeffrey's workload seems rather light, as he spends most of the day posting messages on Twitter, detailing his personal life, as well as his life as a civil servant. Through some of these tweets we've stumbled upon the HACTA plans. At a later point in time, these messages were removed.

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